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Mobile and Tablet Apps

There are apps that you can use on your phone / tablet / other electronic devices to make your life more accessible.

  • Mia's App (iComm) - a free version can be downloaded on iPhone or iPad, you can find more information here: iComm iPhone App for children (
  • Luv2meetU Online allows you to access a range of virtual events through Microsoft Team, Zoom and social media. You can meet new people and make friends across the UK.
  • Miracle Modus is an app that helps with sensory overload. It uses hypnotic mathematically patterned rainbow lights and soft bells. There are different settings in the app so you can adjust it to your needs. Apple App
  • Lookout by Google is available on Android devices. It helps to assist people with visual impairments to do daily tasks and get information from the world around you.
  • Envision uses your phone's camera to speak out written information, describe surroundings and objects. You can also train the app to recognise family and friends.
  • Seeing AI is an app that can describe photos on your device. It is available in multiple languages including German, Turkish, Spanish and more.
  • Be My Eyes is an app that connects visually impaired people with volunteers who, through a live video call, can help by reading out instructions or narrating new surroundings to you.
  • Compass Wakey Wellness is a free app that helps children, young people and families access information and guides on emotional health and wellbeing issues.
  • Headspace has guided meditation programmes that help to ease stress and help prioritise your mental health through meditation, relaxation and mindfulness.
  • Subtitle Viewer is an app that can, once it is synchronised, display subtitles in real-time. You can use it when you are watching a movie at home or in the cinema. Apple App
  • Roger Voice transcribes and adds captions to video and voice phone calls in real-time.
  • Relay UK helps by offering a text-relay service. It has an assistant that listens to your phone call and types out what is being said, and can read your written responses out loud.
  • There are a few apps that can transcribe speech live for you including Google Live Transcribe and Otter. Both apps work to offer real-time transcription of conversations and meetings.
  • Some hearing aid apps have the option to customise the volume, filter noise and focus on speech. You can ask your hearing care professional for more details on whether your hearing aids are compatible with these apps.
  • Jointly is an app that's designed for carers. You can use this app to organise care and help to make communication easier.
  • Grid iPad app is a communication app that gives a voice to people without speech. It provides instant access to resources for symbol and text communication.
  • Voice Access for Android allows you to use voice commands to navigate your phone such as scrolling down a page or typing out texts.
  • SwiftKey is a keyboard that lets you swipe across the keys to type. You can use this keyboard if you need help using a standard keyboard or type one handed.
  • Changing Places toilet app help you to find accessible public toilets.
Last updated: 12/12/2023