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AccessAble takes the chance out of going out. To give you the accessibility information you need to work out if a place is going to be accessible for you.

Safer Places’ is a voluntary scheme that provides safe and supportive places (displaying the Safer Places logo) which are open to the public such as shops, offices or public buildings that act as ‘go to places’ should a vulnerable person experience difficulties whilst alone.

Members of the Safer Places Scheme will carry a Safer Places Card with their name and the details of up to three people that can be contacted in the event that support is required. If a vulnerable person arrives lost, confused, unwell or having been a victim of crime - staff within a ‘Safer Place’ are required to contact one of the people named on the back of the Safer Places Card or the emergency services and allow the vulnerable person to wait on the premises until the named person or police/ambulance arrives.

More details on the scheme can be found on the Wakefield Council website at

You can contact the Safer Places scheme on 0345 8 503 503

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Last updated: 8/10/2022