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Thinking about how you use your living room

Finding the right equipment can make life easier for you.

  • Cushions: cushions that offer pressure relief for a person when sat for an extended period of time. An assessment by a clinician is advisable to determine the most appropriate level of pressure relief required.
  • Furniture raiser: items that are fitted underneath existing furniture in order to raise the height of it.
  • Leg rest: a portable foot rest that can be used to raise a persons legs when sat down. Consider whether they would have the strength to move it out of the way themself in order to get into and out of their chair.
  • Hoist: a mobile device that can be used to enable a person to be physically lifted and moved from one position to another without the need to stand. Consider the surface that the hoist needs to be pushed on. It is recommended that a mobile hoist requires 2 carers to safely use it.
  • Sling: a person is lifted in a hoist using a sling. It is essential that a sling is compatible with the hoist that it is intended to be used with, is the correct size and is appropriate for the type of transfer that it will undertaking.
  • Chair: includes adjustable and high back chairs.
  • Carephone: a press button pendant to call for help when needed.
  • Sensor mat: detects when you get out of the chair
  • Chair pad: continence protection for chairs
  • Over chair table: ideal for eating, drinking and other activities whilst sitting in a chair
  • Bookchair: allows hands free reading and helps to ease neck and back problems
Last updated: 8/15/2022