Thinking about how you use your bedroom

Finding the right equipment can make life easier for you.

  • Bed rails: attaches to a bed and offers support to a person when trying to climb in and out of bed. Some rails are not suitable for use on slatted beds therefore always check the suitability of rail.
  • Bed raisers: fit underneath a bed in order to raise the height of it. Some raisers require the castors of the bed to be removed whereas others the castors will fit into.
  • Transfer board: a smooth board that enables a person to slide from one surface to another. The surfaces need to be at equal heights.
  • Hoist: a mobile device that can be used to enable a person to be physically lifted and moved from one position to another without the need to stand. Consider the surface that the hoist needs to be pushed on. It is recommended that a mobile hoist requires 2 carers to safely use it.
  • Sling: a person is lifted in a hoist using a sling. It is essential that a sling is compatible with the hoist that it is intended to be used with, is the correct size and is appropriate for the type of transfer that it will undertaking.
  • Mattress elevator: helps you to sit up or lie down in bed.
  • Motion detector: detects when you get out of bed and monitors wandering.
  • Pillow / cushion: comfortable and hygienic pillows and cushions
  • Bed / mattress protector cover: covers and protectors for your bed
  • Bed pads: continence protection for the bed
  • Rope ladder - positioning aid: attaches under the legs or castors at the end of a bed and allows you to pull yourself upright into a sitting position without assistance
  • Back rest: to help you sit comfortably in bed
  • Tables: tray and overbed tables ideal for eating, drinking and other activities in bed
  • Clock: includes dementia care day/night clocks and bed shaker alarm clocks
  • Lamp: helpful for anyone with limited vision helping to relieve eyestrain and headaches
  • Bumper: to be used with bed rails to help prevent entrapment and reduce risk of injury from the rails
  • Sock helper: helps people with limited strength or difficulty bending to pull on socks, stockings or tights more easily
Last updated: 8/15/2022