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Who can help me if I am worried?

If you notice a sudden change in vision, flashes and floaters, soreness or something in your eye, there are a number of opticians in the district who offer a free minor eye condition service. It’s important to get your eyes checked as quickly as possible. An early diagnosis could save your sight.

Ophthalmologists are specialist eye doctors who diagnose, treat and monitor eye conditions with medication and surgery. They usually work in hospital eye departments or clinics (often called ophthalmology departments).

Optometrists (opticians) are able to detect eye conditions and refer you to an ophthalmologist for diagnosis and treatment if it is needed. Optometrists are able to discuss your eye condition, how to look after your eyes and direct you to further support services if needed.

The services of ophthalmologist can be accessed from either your doctor or optician (optometrist).

Last updated: 8/24/2022