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Who supports me through diagnosis?

As a citizen of Wakefield District who has had a stroke or have a friend and/or family member who has, there are numerous ways you can get information and assistance to help you manage.  

Outwood Stroke Club

Outwood Stroke Club are a small group of stroke survivors and helpers who meet every other Thursday between 10.30am and 2.30pm.

They meet to chat, catch up with the news, and talk to other stroke survivors. 

Please contact the club if you would like to join.

Ossett Stroke Club

Open to new members from the Ossett area and beyond. The Ossett Stroke Club club offers social and peer support in a relaxed atmosphere.

They have various activities, including outside speakers, organising day trips, and more.

You can get in touch with this group for up-to-date information about activities using the web form. Your contact details will go straight to the group leader so they can get in touch.

Wakefield Stroke Recovery Service

The Stroke Recovery Service works with you to identify your personal support needs and priorities. A co-ordinator will contact you to organise a phone call or a home visit to find out how you're managing with your daily life, and if you need additional support. This service offers opportunities to rebuild confidence and independence, and it helps you to rebuild your life after a stroke.

This service offers:

  • Coordinated support throughout your stroke journey
  • Home visits and/or regular telephone calls
  • Emotional support
  • Tailored information
  • A post stroke review between 4-8 months following date of stroke.
  • Assistance with accessing community-based support
  • Support for carers and family members
  • Signposting to other relevant organisations.

Age UK

Their team are trained to identify the information that will best answer your questions. This might be by sending you our advice guides or helping you to find local services run by Age UK in your area.

If they can’t help, they will direct you to the best place to go for further support and advice.

Move Ahead Wakefield

Move Ahead is an independent day centre based in Outwood, Wakefield for people with brain injuries and their carers. Members can take part in creative activities with an emphasis on painting, drawing and group activities

Carers Wakefield

Carers Wakefield try and help by:

  • Giving you time to talk in confidence and at your own pace
  • Giving you information about the help that is available
  • Helping you to arrange the support you need
  • Putting you in touch with other carers and support groups
  • Keeping in touch with you
  • Providing you with regular newsletters containing information about services and issues 
  • Inviting carers on outings and activities so that they can have an enjoyable break from caring and meet other carers
  • Having a worker who offers support specifically to carers who look after someone with a learning disability
  • Wakefield Discovery College run short courses and one off workshops across the whole of the Wakefield district to support you to; understand and manage health conditions, find new skills and interests, build strengths and inner resources, engage in physical activity and become an expert in your own self-care. Email:
Last updated: 5/15/2023