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Carers who work – information for employees and employers

Wakefield Council have purchased the Employers for Carers online resource from Carers UK to help businesses in Wakefield to understand what they can do to support working carers. The resources include useful guides, e-learning for managers and staff, best practice examples, sample policies, case studies.

The resources can be accessed for free at

Use membership code #EFC2344 to create an account

1. Find out which of your employees are working carers.
2. Identify leaders for working carers within your organisation.
3. Develop and/or review your workplace support and policies.
4. Ensure that support is in place and is clearly communicated to all staff.
5. Equip your mangers with skills to support working carers and make sure they do.
6. Create opportunities for working carers to support one another.
7. Ensure job opportunities and promotions are flexible, and support applications from working carers.
8. Monitor, evaluate and review your approaches to supporting working carers.
9. Communicate clearly that you are a working carer friendly employer and what additional support you offer.
10. Sign up to the free Employers for Carers resources.

The resources can be accessed for free at

Use membership code #EFC2344 to create an account

Many people combine working and caring, but it can be a challenge. The care that’s needed or your situation can change, so it’s useful to think ahead and understand the range of support available to you. 

Wakefield Discovery and Recovery Colleges: We run short courses and one off workshops across the whole of the Wakefield district to support you to; understand and manage health conditions, find new skills and interests, build strengths and inner resources, engage in physical activity and become an expert in your own self-care.

This includes courses and resources specifically for carers which can help you navigate work and caring. 

You might find this 6 week course helpful: Caring for me & you - Wakefield Recovery and Wellbeing College (

Last updated: 8/11/2022