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How to get mobility equipment

What do we do?

We deliver equipment to people and their carers living in the community who meet agreed eligibility criteria, or who need to be nursed at home. The equipment is designed to aid daily living, support the nursing needs of people in their own homes or help with discharge from hospital, and is provided as a free loan for as long as it's needed.

What types of equipment are we able to supply?

Aids to daily living:

  • toileting (for example raised toilet seats and toilet surrounds)
  • bathing equipment (for example bath lifts, shower chairs
  • kitchen equipment (for example trolleys and perching stools.
  • lounge equipment (for example chair raisers


  • pressure relief (for example dynamic air mattresses and foam mattresses)
  • hospital beds
  • commodes
  • moving and handling equipment (for example hoists, slings and slide sheets)

Please see Wakefield Council's website for more information. 

You'll be assessed by a health or social care professional such as an Occupational Therapist or District Nurse who will request the most suitable equipment. We'll then phone you to arrange a suitable delivery day.

DIAL have small pieces of equipment that can be loaned for a short period of time, such as Zimmers, Rollator, Walker and portable ramps. Call 01977 723933

The Red Cross Mobility Aids service provides people with the equipment they need at home to live independently. You can hire a commode, toilet seat or toilet frame for £10 a week for up to 15 weeks.

If you cannot afford the charge they may be able to offer further assistance.

Last updated: 5/12/2023