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Support for friends, family & carers

What support is available for friends, family and carers?

From parent support to activities for children, we offer a wide range of groups designed to help with the daily struggles of living with autism.

To find out more please see Beat Autism website.

We try and help by:

  • Giving you time to talk in confidence and at your own pace
  • Giving you information about the help that is available
  • Helping you ‘through the system’ to arrange the support you need
  • Putting you in touch with other carers and support groups
  • Keeping in touch with you, if you would like us to do so
  • Providing you with regular news-sheets containing information about our services and issues of importance to carers (please contact us to request to be on our mailing list)
  • Inviting carers on outings and activities so that they can have an enjoyable break from caring and meet other carers
  • Having a worker who offers support specifically to carers who look after someone with a learning disability

For more information and contact details please see Carers Wakefield & District website.

Last updated: 11/7/2022