What support is available? 

My Hospital Passport

This hospital passport will help you to communicate your needs and can be used
by any patient with a complex need

Complex Needs

As a Trust, Mid Yorkshire aims to ensure that all patients with a complex need (learning disabilities, autism, dementia, delirium and mental health) receive good quality care at the same level as all patients accessing the Trust.

Health and Care Passports

The NHS has a guide for people with learning disabilities and autism about health and care passports. The guide can be found here.

Before the VIP Red Bag project, important documents such as hospital passports, Do Not Resuscitate forms and personal belongings were routinely mislaid or misused. These documents provide important information and explain how a person with a learning disability likes to be supported and what reasonable adjustments can be made to their care.

The VIP Red Bag holds all of these documents in one place. By providing the right information, healthcare professionals are better able to understand the person they are treating and can make adjustments to the care they provide. It is kept ready packed with everything a person may need to go to hospital, this includes anything that will support the person to be less anxious.

If you have a learning disability (aged over 14) and live in Wakefield, you can request a VIP Red Bag (or if you support someone and would like to request a VIP Red Bag on their behalf), please contact the Wakefield team: 

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Last updated: 11/7/2022